Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mist Of Nihil album 'Buried Laments'. Great Melodic Death Metal from Greece !

We are very happy to announce that we now hold in our hands the physical copies of our EP "Buried Laments". 
You can make your order via this page,and the price will be at 4 euros. 

For online orders you can visit the Senseless Life Recordswebsite: . 

Grab your copies while they last fresh from the factory!

if you still haven't heard it then check it out right below!!! on the link!

you'll find all info below 
support Mist Of Nihil support local metal
Remember all big bands started out as local bands - Trey Williams Dying fetus
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Hailz!/Black Black Lion Production
Today we received from factory physical copies of Mist Of Nihil album 'Buried Laments'. Great Melodic Death Metal from Greece. Get your copy for only £7.50. Check out this amazing band, finalists of W:O:A - Metal Battle Greece.

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EP: Buried Laments 

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