Thursday, 15 May 2014

Sabaton - Heroes

There has been a lot of talk and rumors about this new album how its gonna sound and will it live up to Carolus Rex the short answer is No , But before you go all nazy on me keep in mind how much things has changed since 2012 when the album came out! still Sabaton remains the same.
As most people know Sabaton are probably one of the most famous bands in Sweden if not the most famous live acts around the world, love or hate them but Sabaton are back with their new album Heroes judging by the fans reaction there has been a very known mixed feelings,
I remember when I started listing to them back in 2007 when they had just done Coat of arms, and of course you look back on the discography and find on and other you like...
well lets move over to the part everyone want to read about!

Heroes is a breath of fresh air,
I always enjoyed the classical song structure from Sabaton
their lovely mix between high up beat songs and their slower songs.
regardless their new album is not just a breath of fresh air it really does something different in some ways.
I think we all know that this is Sabaton more then ever before but some will of course still find Carolus Rex as the best I don't blame them.. CR was amazing and so powerful in many ways
 I can't really overcome that, but I guess 2014 is the year of slower songs,
it would seem that playing in 200 bpm would easy get boring for some
but then again each band do their thing...
However their first song To hell and back reminds me still a lot of Korpiklaani folk metal, mostly the way the keyboards find their way and the melodies, not bad but I still was expecting something other but hey no deal breaker.

moving on as I been listing to the album back and forth, and even as we write this..
but overall its still the classic old sing along sabaton yes the album is way more poppish then the previous but I guess its meant that way. Since Sabaton is a very good if I may say sing along band...
and could proboly fit quite easy in Melodifestivalen although it wouldn't be fair since I guess the winners would be very obvious!

Joakim and Per still remains the same writers as before, and thats why I still think people can't blame the new guys Chris and Tobbe, Hannes are all doing a good job,
the drumming is actually more distinct and heavier since Hannes has a very different playing style then Daniel did but still he keeps the same Sabaton "beat"
 even if I can feel some songs feels a bit slow its washed away by Soldier of 3 Armies a strong and crushing  tune ... that really delivers what fans want to head bang to ! the guitar work is very smooth, and flexible 
still Joakim's manly voice is dominating the song. 

Overall the album is a strong and good Sabaton album... I would surely give this album a few spins in the cd before i truly make up my mind...
as it does prove to be a good hard hitting Sabaton album.. 
fans can debate as much as they like but Heroes is here to stay!!
now just to be clear I am not that much of  a die hard sabaton fan, but I did enjoy their previous Carolus rex a lot 
and I am sure I will grow to love this new !



01. Night Witches
02. No Bullets Fly
03. Smoking Snakes
04. Inmate 4859
05. To Hell And Back
06. The Ballad Of Bull
07. Resist And Bite
08. Soldier Of 3 Armies
09. Far From The Fame
10. Hearts Of Iron


Pär Sundström - Bass
Joakim Brodén - Keyboards, Vocals
Thobbe Englund - Guitar
Chris Rörland - Guitar
Hannes Van Dahl - Drums

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