Thursday, 15 May 2014

Vallenfyre - Splinters (The album we all been waiting for)

Vallenfyre is a project with members from various known bands out there!
raging from Paradise lost, My Dying bride , and Last but not least At the gates.
yes ever since their first album A fragile king was out iv'e been looking into more info about the band, their first full length was a mind blowing experience! at least in the the old school scene,
the band sound is very characterized by hard hitting drums, and groovy guitar parts...
old school death metal in its best form in my eyes.
starting up with their new album Splinters just by looking at the first trailer that was given I was very pleased with the little it showed...
anyhow as the first track appears scabs! Its a crushing swarm of heavy guitar riffs , a though fight to break.
classic slayer beat with a lovely blast beat mixed in the middle,
really gives the song that extra sting like lemon juice on steaks...
Vallenfyre has in my eyes always been what Ive been admiring in old era of death metal , bone trembling drums, harsh brutal vocals, and Erie tremolo picked riffs,
track numerous 2 seem to be the next hard hitting as the silence breaks with heavy guitars, groovy and tight is just a start ...  always a fun ride to hear  mr Adrian Erlandsson pounding the drums...

Every track on this record fucking slays
hard hitting death metal in its finest form...

Vallenfyre is really gonna make it to the top !
this album proves to be so much more than just bone griding death metal,
but there seem to be this beast is hiding behind the door,
each track is like a book full of judgments  !
just waiting for the wrong person to open. it and be blasted away!!
Splinters is a fine piece of  work indeed !
a truly masterpiece if I may say so!

 Click on the links below to get the new album in a variety of formats:
CM Distro

Be sure to check out the new video for tite track "Splinters" here:

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