Saturday, 11 October 2014

Carach Angren There is no place like home New song 2014

Carach Angren There is no place like home,
ever since I heard Carach angren I knew it was going to be something different,
the first song I ever heard was Departure towards a nautical course
also this was the 3 years ago since then Ive been following the band frequently
and now we have a new song for 2014
called There is no place like home!
the song is an epic journey from beginning to end!
it really fits good!
it presents a lot of known feelings or should I say sounds that are Carach angren,
Carach angren is known for creating both theatre and magic in their music as if it was soundtrack on its own little morbid horror tale....
the song is fast and primal it contains all things I love about carach angren harsh vocals, from the lovely Sergoror, and really amazing keyboards, strings that really brings the track to the extreme ! clearly this album is not just a epic story again but another nice little new twist I am sure await!

looking forward and waiting patiently!

Carach Angren There is no place like home,

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