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interview with Among Gods October 4th 2014

First off how are you doing? Lars: Doing great, thank you! We are now in a creative process of making our 3rd release. 1 How did the band start? could you briefly describe ? Lars: Kenneth(Ripper) started the whole thing as a studio-project in 2010. In January 2011 Among Gods counted five members. The debut "Among Gods" was recorded the same year. 2 I know this might be a odd questions but Bergen or Norway are maybe most known for its notorious black metal , what are your thoughts on that ? Lars: The music itself was all good. Many of those bands from the 90's manage to create their own thing, and that alone deserves attention. its nice to see that they also provide some good Death metal? It's nice to see the mixtures of metal band's coming up here in Bergen today, even though there are few death metal acts around. 3 What were you prime influences while growing up? did heavy metal start early for you guys ? Kenneth: For me it started around 1983 and the bands I first started to listen to were Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost and Venom and also a lot of the NWOBHM bands and many of those bands have stuck with me ever since. In my eyes the NWOBHM era was fantastic! But my very early memory of hard rock started in the very late 70`s with Kiss. Also bands like Ozzy Osbourne and Motley Crue did some impact on a young boy taste of music,haha. 4 your self titled ep Among gods has been out for some time , how has the feedback been if you speculate ? Kenneth: Yes, the debut album achieved very good response and reviews and it still does today, so we are very pleased that people like the debut that well. 5 you have a very old school death metal sound is that one of your maybe sub genres ? Kenneth: We have always had a thing for old school death metal, the bands back then were in my eyes much better than much of the bands that are in the scene today,sorry,hehe. It was somehow more pure and true, but also I like the pioneer feel of it all. So, as with all music, I rather listen to old classics than to new records, sorry again. 6 How important is the digital music scene as today it seems youtube is the new MTV! and most bands choose to focus on digtial ? Lars: There are both good and bad sides to the "new" thing. Sure, it's nice to have the opportunity to reach out on those channels, but at the same time it's limitating. Still, nothing beat's a good show in the making of followers. 7 whats your plans for the winter any tours or shows? Lars: Right now we are preparing last touch on the songs for our next release. It will take some time to get it done, so there will most likely be few shows in the near future. We hope to get out there in 2015! 8 Whats the best to drink a hot summer day or a cold winter night! ? Kenneth: Of course ice cold beer in the summer and of course ice cold beer on a cold winter night 9 Your album i right is called Monument can you tell us anything about it! Kenneth: Yes, our 2nd album is titled “Monument” and been released on the 27th of May this year, it`s a more doomish album than the debut and as we went through some line-up changes at the time, me & Lars wrote most of that album alone. We have received very good reviews so far here as well, even though it`s a bit different album than the debut. And it got a wonderful artwork. 10 How do you approach song writing ? how does it start? Lars: Songwriting usually take some time. It often start with one of the guys jamming at home, creating riffs, or a whole song that later is being worked out in the rehearsalroom. We often do simple recordings while rehearsing, and then Kenneth write lyrics to those ideas. 11 How important is media and reviews to your band or do you relay more on fans and your own thoughts! ? Kenneth: Media and reviews are of course important, or at least if we receive good reviews and good words in the media people would give us a try and maybe like what they hear. To me personally, I read the good and bad reviews with the same eyes, I make music for myself and those who want to listen, and that`s enough for me really. So I love to get response from fans during and after a show and when people write me and say that they like what they hear. I love it when the fans get in personal contact with the band, they can do that with an underground band like us, because we always answer. Lets talk food! 12 favorite food on the road? Kenneth: Something to cure the hangovers,haha. I like to eat lasagne on the road,-and in the morning an English breakfast do magic..always. 13 favorite dish anytime ? Kenneth: Hard to say, but I know of a wonderful red chickensoup… 14 steak or fish ? Kenneth: Hard to say, I love a good steak but also fish that I catch myself and prepare right out of the raging North Sea, that`s great tasting a dish of fish only 30 min after it`s been caught in the sea. Flounder, catfish and monkfish is my favorites. But also hot smoked self-fished mackerel in the summer taste like heaven. 15 How do you like your meat ? Extra rare , Rare Medium Well done whats your pick ? Kenneth: Not a vampire, so I have to say medium here. 16 Favorite record of 2014? Kenneth: I never listen to new albums,-but if I have to pick I must say Triptykon “Melana Chasmata” if it`s have to be in the metal genre.. 17 favorite alcoholic beverige ? Kenneth: Beer and sometimes red wine. Lets get back to music! your album Monument reminds me a bit of Swedish Melodic Death metal might you say you are fans of swedish bands ? Kenneth: I grew up listen to bands like Grave, At The Gates and Entombed, but I will not say it`s an influence. I love those old death metal bands from Sweden, but I am not a fan of the melodic death metal bands if you mean bands like In Flames and such. 18 Who was the mind behind your album cover ? Kenneth: The debutalbum artwork was made by Kim & Marianne from Vossanova (local designers) and the Monument artwork is made by Metastazis (who have done artwork for Paradise Lost, Morbid Angel and likes) 19 What can fans expect for 2015 ? Kenneth: The fans can expect a brand new album and some touring from Among Gods, I really hope we can head out on the road in the very near future, as soon as we have recorded or released the new album. And they can expect an album more “back to the roots”. 20 vinyl or CD? whats your favorite ? Kenneth: Haha, is this a question..? LP Any last words to your fans? and friends! Kenneth: Thanx a lot for the interview and I hope people out there will check out Among Gods and support us. The fanbase are the most important to us, get in touch! Cheers! Thank you so much taking the time to speak with Mortiz zine Kenneth: Thanx a lot, we really enjoy the interview. Keep it true!

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