Saturday, 29 November 2014

Lidelse crushing and melancholic yet beautiful and sinister

Lidelse St
Uplifting tempo changes!
not bad maybe a bit different then we expect! but this project sure is interesting!
furious high pitched vocals, kinda has an early Lifelover sjukdom sound!¨
screams of suffering dwelling in the minds!
the kind of fitting sound for this cold winter in Sweden..
the guitar sound is very familiar with Lifelover, earlier work.
track number 2 is approaching with anxiety in its chest!
screams and morbid thoughts enters your mind...
It reminds me a bit of some early doom metal band...
almost like Silencer although they have their own genre but I still wouldn't outrule that this work does give hints to that!
I musy say I personally enjoy the more slower doom metal style tempos , give a good atmosphere
from the intro first track I wasn't really sure what this was to begin since it almost had no vocals.. but when the second track came in !
It got more clear!
and the vision expands a lot
more to a full scale of this interesting cd
I think the band really does it best by exploring the topics they do !
sickness despair. The calm parts are really nice touch to it all! 

crushing and melancholic tremlo parts 
mood setting indeed...
as I stare out in the cold !
this project is the work between 
W (Verdun) & Grårum98759 (ex-Imago Metus, Otröstlig, Zenariz)
of course you kinda know what you are getting since its called Lidelse which in English is Suffering....
I really enjoy the dark melancholic feel...
kinda feels like being trapped ina  mental hospital 
sitting in the isolation day and night wondering what is going on!
nothng but your mind as your friend!
moving over to the next track faster and more intense indeed 
I must say I never thought many things could express so much anexity in a short ep!

the dull ambient feel to the songs gives them more power to really invade your personal thoughts, it seems that there are still a few bands who still use and know how to make proper dsbm if you know may call it that! I guess we can say it does sound very similar although I Hate using genre tags... but this is really good stuff weather or not they are trying to express their own personal feelings which Is quite clear!
since you don't make this music for the fun of it!
you create art to let it reflect whom you are as a person!
not to impress a larger crowd..
I never really look back myself when thinking of things that happens in our way.. which is a bit amusing cause these songs really makes me start thinking and contemplate what is going on!
never the less this ep deserves a clear place in my bookshelf if they have cds in physical format!

I hope more foks will hear the power of this! 

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