Friday, 5 December 2014

Sick guitars Volume III 2014

What you all been waiting for sick guitars is back! every month now and then we pick out the latest sickest  most twisted guitars ! you've ever seen,
we will be picking out 5 guitars that we find out of the ordinary from small to big brands!

first up!
The V from Ophelia guitar works!
private builder mainly  for fun !
but this is some serious wicked guitar!

Next up is this lovely 8 string guitar from Blackat guitars!
no name has been confirmed nor model but its a good looking !

Next up is the Roeller’s Custom Guitars again making a return! Warbird D7, Ed Talorda of Disgorge this guitar is what I'd label as sick guitar! 

Moving on to the Ran Guitars Batman Banshee in Avalon images

And last but not least an oddly beast is upon us!

With the Monster Hunter franchise from Capcom gearing itself up to celebrates its 10th anniversary, a simple cake with some candles on it will not do. No sir, it would need something that is far more hard hitting, but to celebrate one’s decade in existence with a guitar might seem to be rather unorthodox. ESP Guitars has modeled an axe on a sword, which so happens to be the in-game Rathalos Firesword, will be the accessory that celebrates the 10th anniversary of Monster Hunter.

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