Saturday, 29 November 2014

Marduk - Rope of Regret Sinister fast !

marduk rope of regret blistering sinister fast track that really gives the fans what they love!
the new marduk song is here Rope of regret!
with a new drummer and fresh blood this is really one of the best songs Ive hard in a long time..
wondering drums... and insanely fast guitars!
the track is an exploding mix of the panzer warmachine Marduk is...
reminds me of plague angels with hints of their classic Panzer Division Marduk album!
Mortuus vocals are sick ass always!
he really has a more then just a voice when he performs !
the guitar riff is very elegant and high pitch tone...!
the marduk fans will surely not be disappointed!
the rest of the album is most likely as badass as this song!
the craft marduk bring to the table cheer and war !
is just beyond words to describe !
Widings drumming are brilliantly amazing
I just hope this month goes fast! so I can myself get my hands on the new Marduk album!
any friend know I am a total Marduk fan! and worships the band!

'Frontschwein' is January 19th, 2015. Links are given for Marduk and Century Media Records. 

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