Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dead December - Will Death Reunite us

Dead December  - Will Death Reunite us 

Last time I had this band on the speakers was early 2015 if i remember correctly,
of course the band is still kind enough to let me have a listen to the stuff.
in its wholeness !
the new songs has a slower more atmospheric feel
with a nice classic touch!, in many ways I can hear early Cradle of filth influences !
not just because I now and then have to remember and remind myself that its not Dani filth himself singing!

The album has a lot more softer feel perhaps then some might enjoy but still it gives what it meant a kind of classical symphonic rockish type of feel very progressive!
stuff! maybe not my exact cup of tea.
But they do get the idea and are able to give us a good atmosphere in the songs!
distorted guitars with nice piano melodies!
its a very sad album in many ways, many slower songs with lots of progressive elements that really creates a very hopeless feel!

Although I must state that Fridas vocals on the older songs or rather first released songs are more of my cup of tea but Fridas vocals really brings out a lot emotions into the songs!
I guess I am more for the heavier and more straight forward songs! like the ep Awaiting messiah
'i never been a fan of progressive stuff to be honest! , The songs are of course well made nothing to complain! its a whole good production.
But I do miss the female vocals a lot on the other songs also more double bass drumming! like the song Aurora. The band is solid in the way that they are clearly aware of all but it just gets a bit to slow for my taste with the newer songs.

I am sure those who are into progressive or more rockish heavy metal would enjoy this more , not saying its bad but I am not the right person to judge!

thats my opinion! Overall I'd give this album a good spin now and then! And mabye it will grow on me!  

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