Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mor dagor interview 2015

First i like to thank you for doing this

interviewand may i say the new song is sounding killer!

How are you doing?

1 could you tell us the story how Mor dagor came to be?


Torturer: Too long…We started in 1996. after endless Lineup changes we are where we are now.



2 Your new album is called Redemeer

how did the writing process look like comparing to previous record!?


Lykanthrop: We all basically started to collect ideas for this album back in

2011. The more ideas we had, the more intense we started to shape the

songs. Torturer and I locked ourselves up in the rehearsal-bunker and

worked on every detail until we were 100% satisfied with the result.

Schmied then added his lyrics to the final songs.



3 What were some of your inspiration when crafting this beautiful beast?


Torturer: Everything surrounding us.



4 How was the studio session this time around!?


Torturer: It had been one of the fastest productions we ever did. drums had been recorded in only one day. alsoguitars.
Lykanthrop: Preparation, dedication and discipline are the keys!



hows 2015 looking for you guys any big tours coming up?


Schmied: Until now there some special shows and we´re working on a

european tour in autumn.



6 you recently announced you will be joining Austrian titians belphegor in

helvete club are you guys looking forward to that?

must be special for torturer since he is known from playing in the band for a

long time?


Torturer: its great to meet my old bandmates again. we had a great time together. i am in contact with them anyway.



7 Your new album is soon to drop from the void into the earthly dimension

will there be any special editions of the. album for those daywalkers who

don't know?


Lykanthrop: We announced already a Mor-Dagor-Machete-package limited

to 66 pieces. It includes the digipack-CD or Vinyl edition, together with a

real machete with the MOR DAGOR print, along with some other cool stuff.



Lets talk about more music related stuff

8 how often do the band meet up and rehearse together?


Lykanthrop: At least once a week, twice is the optimum.



9 I ask this alot and people seem to still like

so if you could tour with any band whom


Lykanthrop: Any non-sissy motherfuckers will do! There are lots of great

bands out there but also a lot of scum.




10 your artwork is pretty different from many album covers in the past

years what was your inspiration for the cover and who did it!?

I like it clear clean simple and effective!


Schmied: We wanted to create something pure and clean. Furthermore it’s

the embodiement of death and the beginning of a new era of warfare. So is

our music.

All artworks were done by us in association with Necroworks.



11 how would you describe yourself as a band in a studio

are you the person who is a total control freak want to see what everyone is

doing while in the studio and more or less let the producer do his thing and

trust his words?


Lykanthrop: We enter the studio very well prepared. The entire album is

written from the first to the last note before we start recording and everyone

involved practices his part intensly for that. Working with Andy Classen

though was great! He’s a great producer and his input on the music was well apprechiated.

Torturer: I am a control freak in this case. everythingmust be prepared and arranged. we did pre-production for ourself to see what we can improve.



12 could you briefly walk us through your live rig ?

Lykanthrop: Since we want to come as close to the studio sound as possible,

I currently use my Jackson RRMG pro with a modified EMG-81 pickup. On

my side i use a Peavey 6505+ with which I also recorded all guitars on the

album. 2nd guitar plays over a modified Peavey Valve King. Beliath plays

bass over an old Peavey Mark VI amp - it gives us just the right mixture

between low end and dirty attack we need. The tuning is E-Standard, though

the B-string on the bass is tuned down to A. Goes right into your guts!


Torturer: I use Pearl BRX and sabian cymbals, Demon drive pedal and and 5bx Pro mark sticks.



13 Talking about studio work

what is your idea of the best work flow do you guys stay in the studio more

or less until the album is completely written both pre prod and final end

(meaning do you spend a year or maybe a few weeks)

or do you write from your own base And then enter with full pre



Schmied: As Lykanthrop pointed out earlier, the whole album is completely

written and we already made a pre-production which Andy got some weeks

before the studio so he could get a grip on it. Then we enter the studio and

spend as much time as possible there to work on details



14 favourite drink? non or with alcohol


Himalaya ice water


15 Do you prefair festivals or clubs ?


Torturer: doesn’t matter. both is great!


16 finally what can we expect for 2015 from Mor dagor:)


Lykanthrop: No Mercy!



Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions!

all the best and talk soon!

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