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Demonical Black Flesh Redemption 2015 [Agonia Records]

Demonical Black Flesh Redemption

Demonical is back stronger than ever!
with their new ep a strong 4 track ep of crushing old school death metal!,
I admit I haven't heard that much of Demonical since  their album Death Inferrnal 2011, but now and then you natrually put on some new music from them ether on the road or while just sitting at home drinking beer !

The new ep prooves they are back to hold the banner high for Sweden in the old school death metal scene!,  since we all know when I think of Old school Death metal I think of Sweden, and I can only think of 4 bands that can do it!
Entrails, Entombed , Demonical,Grave

I guess this ep is somewhere between! the production is brilliant! as so is the musicians,  strong catchy guitar riffs with pounding hard hitting drums!
the guitar sound usually speaks Sweden!  before the band state they are Sweden!
and what do I mean by that , Yes that most of the Swedish old school bands tend to sound the same music wise! not all the time, but often the bands have a very similar dark bright sound on the guitars...
Not at all bad.. Just pointing out

overall I can really say I enjoyed this ep more than I enjoyed Entombeds Left hand path, Demonical has a darker edge to the music a black flame that burns deep within the band that always makes them stand out!.
the perfect mixture of all ingredients to create a good record.

The vocals are raw and gripping!
like you would want them in Sweden!
its a bit odd to not hear Widings on drums , as I kinda associate him with
Demonical although he was only their session drummer !
but never the less the new session guy Kennet Englund does a great job matching Widings footsteps!...
Lets see what await us! as Demonical takes over!
I'd give this ep 9/10
because its truly worth it!'


Demonical on-line:
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