Monday, 27 April 2015

Gorgoroth - Instinctus Bestalis [ Terra Relicta ]

AS you may notice I have started to write for Terra Relicta as well! its a new fun job!..

After long wait Gorgoroth is finally back
I can't really describe how exicited I was when I first heard they had a new album coming up!'
this album is really what I would or any fan could expect from Gorgoroth,
fast blast beats and tight 
neatly tremolo picking
guitars, high pitched vocals!
its like I am back in the early days twilight of the idols ,
the thing about Gorgoroth that has always made me love them is their unique style with mixed riffs of some thrash and some even death metal influences!
although I think this record speaks truly by itself!
Gorgoroth have the power to really suck you in the music!.
its not hard to say this material is by far the strongest they have done since the early days!...
Hearing the new line up together like this really brings you hope that Gorgoroth's new line up is bound to be! since not to recently I noticed their new fill in singer was no other than Hoest from Taake on their recent tours !
but for this album its a new person behind the mic Atterigner of triumfall
who does an amazing performance in this piece! each track really delivers that raw christ raping black metal. that we are known to expect from Gorgoroth,
despite a lot of conflicts within the band , they are still kicking it strong.
its hard to pick a favorite of these tracks as they are all amazing...
their new vocalist really shines out through the voice! even if some might think it does sound similar to ghaal but still brings out his own touch to the songs!..
never the less

moving forward into this new album!
Instinctus Bestialis is truly a work of art in itself! it keeps the 90 black metal spirit alive the torch is burning! I must say some of the riffs kinda reminds of the twilight of the idols album mixed with the antichrist album.
Despite this being the 9th album it still rings fresh!
behind the drums is no longer Nick Barker as if you have been living under a rock..
but Swedish Drummer known from none other than Dissection Tomas Asklund
he's been with Gorgoroth since 2007 and lets hope he continue to stay !
with the band...
his drumming is very special. In many ways
the guitar duties are as before done by Infernus , and you can tell its his playing, the riffs and the melodies sings like razorblades... cut through flesh
I think its safe to say Gorgoroth is back to defend the black throne of which they have been leading the past years..
if you are fans of the older material and like their old songs then the new ones will sit perfect I am sure, melancholic tremlo part, with brutal grinding drumming, will please anyone..
Instinctus Bestialis is a true work of art!


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