Sunday, 28 February 2016

Desolators Spawn of Misanthrophy


Now and Then I get these amazing pearls like Desolators new ep Spawn of Misanthropy
meaning those ep/albums where everything is perfect! what we have here is some of the best death metal coming neutrally from Stockholm Sweden the home of extreme metal,
although the sound is more similar to the american scene! of early 90s
Baphomet, Dismember , and some part even slight early in flames, perhaps mostly the use of tremolo picking guitars alongside ferocious riffing of the rhythms ,
Spawn of Misanthropy is a real feast for the death metal heart! every track has that in your face vibe, I would not have guessed this came from Sweden unless someone told me.
The sound of this little ep is just far beyond amazing.
the songs are mixed from fast blasts to more slow groovy the ep still deliver strong and its the american old school death metal sound that I personally love!

from start to Finish the album delivers strong without compromise Desolator are no new comers in death metal and you can tell how well each song is written, the guitars sings beautifully along with the drums , for fans of bands like mentioned above this is a real treat
for the listeners, everything about this album is just perfect ! its one of those record like last years Terminal reckoning by Incision thats stands along.
this macabre and astonishing release. its sort of takes the listeners into a trance kinda with its powerful feel nothing for the newcomers perhaps but something all Death metal fans of ether 80s or 90s will enjoy!


Follow Desolator:

"Spawn of Misanthropy" is the new EP from swedish death metal band Desolator. The band was started in 2009 and released the full length "Unearthly Monument" in 2013.

00:01 Illusions of Grandeur
05:12 The Faceless God
09:18 Sectarian Breed
14:56 Dark Epitaph

Desolator is:
Stefan Nordström - Vocals/Guitar (Soliloquium, Ending Quest)
Joakim Rudemyr - Vocals/Guitar (Within the Fall)
Jonas Bergkvist - Bass (Ending Quest, Wolfcross)
Victor Parri - Drums (Isole, Eosphorus, Hadriel)

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