Sunday, 21 February 2016

Raubtier – Bärsärkagång

             Raubtier – Bärsärkagång

The album “Bärsärkagång” by Raubtier has recently come out and it's full of energy. The musical style of Raubtier is easy to recognise here with the clear articulation of the lyrics, the northern accent and the way some of the songs tenatiously stick to the brain. The lyrics are mainly focused on the pride, the survival instinct and sense of duty of northern warriors and hunters. 

“Den sista kulan” Faces a heavy subject as it tells us of someone who has prepared for his last stand as he has saved his last bullet for himself. It's a moving story and the song is Definitely one of my favourites.
My other favourite is “Brännmärkt”, a song about prosecution and facing conformity. It's a catchy song with a striking intro, and it's strangely relatable.
I liked “Röd snö” for its chorus. There's just something about the way it sounds that puts the listener right in the mood of the song.

I'll have to give this an 8 out of 10 because not all of the songs blew my mind, but in all I think the album was good enough to live up to the Raubtier standard and I can imagine these songs being fantastic live. Some would even be just as good acoustic. They have a good use of language and  The songs are worthy of playing on repeat and it's a lot of fun singing along with the lyrics.

Rebecca Rose

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