Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Vindland – Hanter Savet Review

Vindland – Hanter Savet Review

Hanter Savet by Vindland is an amazing mix of pagan metal and melodic black metal from France. It has classic black metal elements such as fast drums, tremolo riffs and ethereal acoustic passages but Hanter Savet also features very melodic guitar riffs with a taste of pagan influence but while still holding the black metal atmosphere. Riffs can extend from epic pagan sounding to very melancholic harmonies which are heard very strongly in songs such as "Serr-Noz" and "Pedenn Koll". Songs like "Treuzwelus" really accent this pagan influence with melodic leads and galloping picking patterns very subtly supported by keys. The vocals fit right in and have a classic black metal feel with mid and high screams. The production is great for a release like this.  Everything is very clear and well mixed yet still hold that black/pagan metal atmosphere.

By Caleb

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