Sunday, 13 November 2016


From the Us grounds here to stay are White empress new and reformed like never before,
and the sound and feeling is just splendid,
many know Paul allender from his old endeavours  but this is nothing like it,
this is pure cinamatic mastery  in the old horror genre.
Take yourself back to the year of witchcraft and mystery.
the days of Alex witchfinder when witch hunt was the one thing on everyone's mind on All hollows EVE,
never quite before have been so blown away by a concept so great and a vision so strong. This is indeed quite something to be looking forward to,
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Take the old Hammer films and put in old Cradle from 2004 and strip away the vocals, and there you go a track full of pure essence of what White Empress is , horror audio book. 
In order to really understand the new concept one must look at the lyrics

White Empress is
Paul Allender Guitars - Jeremy Kohnmann Bass - Chela Harper Drums - Adam Sagan Keys - Will Graney

And the imagery part of WHITE EMPRESS


Revenant is about a disgusting diabolical sexual act, a father's pain and hatred that goes beyond human comprehension, a loss of faith, demonic possession and a curse that will last an eternity.

Twas a soundless leaden eve where clouds draped oppressively
In forgotten fields of wistful history
There, my path from the light began
From one of fervent faith to one of bitter rivalry

Our journey starts from despairs of the soul, equated to no mortal sensation
More suitably sustained from lips prayed, in pious desperation

My vengeance was ripe among sacred stars
And holy sacraments cast down to sicken all, fashioned from the words of faith
My pestilent dominion poured forth, and rots the earth

Bonfires, infernal towers craving corpses
Pyre dead and torrid, a writhing anathema
And by holy hand, in forsaking my humanity

Kindled flesh of the damned
We chant this verses to bind their souls…

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
Bring forth the power from below

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
Exalted words uttered from the nether

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
By scornful heavens, it is done!

The twelfth hour chimed upon moonlit night as embers kissed the cold
Where crimes befit the punishment, as shrieking choirs gather
And much like the hour death was kept in contempt’s bitter ledger

A ghostly presence comes to claim the sinful mortals
From halls of bone gray smiles

Turning dreams to haunted afterthought
Like the buried stench of decay will rise
When inverted crosses pointed northward

But I recall that dreadful eve…
Within my stately manor trespassed two sons of jealousy
And forced naked austere flesh of my daughters so adored
Raped and ravaged to death their frail forms

And upon this discovery, grace fell from our once great house, as Stygian pacts were formed
For I knew not was possessed me but from there, morbid shadows grew

Enshrouded in curses pouring fourth from the all things, as the festering wound

My power grew to inhuman meaning
And invoked genocide rites from tongues still seething
As we herald the plague through the centuries
An ever reaching death-brand on all their progenies

The unearthed bones cannot be interred

A curse upon their house spoken in dead speeches

Shall their lustful deeds reign unjudged

Heretic spirits will come undone

Rise…Fulfill our pact

And take that which has been taken from me
She comes for you now, in ways no mortal eyes were meant to see
Hear the words as they echo in ethereal screams

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
Bring forth the power from below

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
Exalted words uttered from the nether

Yolcam Gmicalz Vovina
By scornful heavens, it is done!

A haze possess thee

When she comes to take you from farthest reaches

And this…
Your doom etched in prophecy

Your sacrificed you cannot escape

Farewell…descend to a place only the dead would know
Chosen son in perdition’s unity

These are the accounts and confessions scribed by dying light
For there but little time left before the white empress,
She who is death itself, comes to claim another
I am sorry my child, this is your fate…

You, who are bound to cancered aura
Entombed in the arms of a nameless horror
Weeping within the body no longer your own
Death throes in the abyss
And left to perish alone…

Shot at Hobbs Grove Halloween Haunt by Era Horrificus Films.

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