Friday, 11 November 2016

Bulgerian Black metal act Lebenssucht unleash their new video for the track Beloved Depression from their EP Fucking My Knife.

Lebenssucht unleash their new video for the track Beloved Depression from their new EP   Fucking My Knife.

Lebenssucht is a releatively new band hailing from the corners of the world among Bulgaria and  Germany, reaching as far as  Belgium. earlier this year  they released their  debut EP entitteld  Fucking My Knife, and now news of a new video has spread across to the cold swedish land and we are glad to be able to help  to premiere an official video for the EP’s  track, “Beloved Depression“.

The song is hard to put to words as to what is given,
so much emotions and feelings in one.
I can't help but feel that the video really beautifully presents the nordic climate at the moment, the dark grim and erie feel.
The video is shot entierely in black and white leaving you almost wondering if its an old horror movie. While the members are no newcomers in the scene its quite clear that the mission is indeed to unleash those dark drary feelings inside oursleves that so long awaits to be unleashed.
almost like a cleansing the video provides a perfect story of melancholy, despair and hatred, the video imagery reminds me of bands such as Lifeover,Psychonaut 4, and even perhaps mostly resembling SILENCER's classic video Sterele Silencer - Sterile Nails And Thunderbowels, 

this is probobly the darkest black metal record ive heard since the early days of Lifelover,shining.

A truly majestic song!"

Check out the ep below!


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The band consists of

S Caedes - lead vocals
 Déhà - guitars, bass, vocals
 Ahephaïm - drums, vocals 
 Exil - live guitars, backing vocals 
                                                                              Abstrusus - live guitars, backing vocals

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