Sunday, 26 March 2017

What is the Metal Head Box ?

So who knew the next big thing would be boxes ?
that's right! mystery boxes or grab bags the year of not knowing 2017 has had its premier of ton of various subscriptions stuff with everything from magazines to your local beauty make up boxes , even for children of course.

But today we are not talking about that because this is a metal related post,
we are talking about the newly established underground cult box worshipping maniacs demons,  the Metalhead box  based in Toronto Canada with a regions of followers from their home town and vast growing fans and subscribers
the mastermind inside the box loving company is none other than a group of dedicated metal fans so they describe them.
that actually goes under the name
Melissa Box (co founder ) and Robert and some other people involved

Each month they hand pick a dussin of items to ship out to random subscribers.
The Metalhead box is exactly what it sounds like a box full of METAL!
not the the actual " metal "but heavy enough  cause each month the subscriber pay around 20-30 for a mystery box delivered to their door , much like the pizza boy who delivers to your average metal joe! each box contains between 3-5 Cds 1 -2 shirts stickers pins patches, buttons, and flyers of course of mixed genre typically Black/death /Thrash related, but it also allows you to apart from filling your shirt size so they can know what size to send , they also allow you fill your taste of music , if you're like my who loves doom metal you can actually use that as a preference and they will try their best to match that in their cd packing , how cool is that?
The Metalhead Box is a monthly subscriptions

Working with the biggest to smallest of Record Labels and bands in the business, The Metalhead Box not only delivers on value but also rewards members with exclusive items found nowhere else!

in the boxes you'll find everything from the old school bands we all love and worship to the latest hit on the market,  the friendly team of metalheadbox crew will surely attract anyone, but what happens if you are only into vinyl like all modern geeks,
Well have I got news for you the Metalheadbox is so awesome that they actually offers not just 1 but 2 LPs  in their subscription  offers you to decide how long you want to subscribe from 1  month to 3 or  an eternity.
why would you want to stop? and each package is tailored to meet any hard working mans budget,

Vinyl subscription  includes the 3 following

see photos below!

So what are you waiting for GET your ass over to the metalhead box and subscribe today, also don't worry if there was a missed month box for you as they always have a little flash box sale after each month,
where you can pick up  random items at Ridiculous prices
I mean how awesome is this right to your door,
just when you thought the boxes couldn't get more awesome
there you have it ! THE METALHEAD BOX


Below you find a vast list of unboxing videos from your all worldwide supporters!

and of course what other people say about it!

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